Exciting News!!

SO After a Rough Couple of Etsy Days (oi vey! :/ ps: Thank You Everyone for Your Support and Comments on My Venting Blog Post I Appreciate It!). I Decided to Try My Hand at Making a Webstore! I Have a Ton of Ideas for It!! And It’s Slowly Getting There I Think It’s Looking Pretty Darn Good So Far! 🙂 I’m Still Trying to Figure Out the Checkout Situation I’m Not Sure How to Multi-Ship Right Now and If Someone Buys an Item Does It Take it Off…? Hm… We’ll See… lol. 🙂 But Take a Peek If You Get a Chance! And Let Me Know What You Think! Tomorrow I’m Going to Make a Fun Front Page to Replace My Etsy Listings on the Homepage So That Should Be Fun!!

Okay Back to Working on It! I’ll Be Back With Some Photos from the Past Week!



2 thoughts on “Exciting News!!

  1. Looks great! Glad you kept yourself busy with this instead of worrying about your Etsy incident.

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