Mean Buyers

Dear Blog Readers

I Try My Best to Not Talk About My Etsy Shop Getting Bad Feedbacks, But Today I’m Going to Since I’m Just So Frustrated! So There Is This Buyer Who Bought From Me Back in February Mind You! I Mailed Out Her Order as I Always Do (duh!) And She Emails Me Promptly Telling Me I Haven’t Recieved My Purchase Yadda Yadda Yadda, In a Rude Matter That is! And I Apologized and Offered a Refund, and I Did So, and Paypal Informed Me that She Did In fact Recieved it So I Thought Great Done Complete, A Few Days LATER I Get the Package in the Mail as it Was Sent to a Non Existance Address (not my fault! it was her PAYPAL address!) Now Flash Forward to May I Believe (this May of Course) I Recieve a Negative Feedback From Her Complaining She Didn’t Get Her Package and Complaining that I Gave Her a Refund Back. Hmm..? Really Why Would Someone Complain if They Got Their Refund Back as They Asked For It? AND I Wasn’t Even at Fault! She Gave Me the Wrong Address and My Policy is To Mail ALL Packages to Your Paypal Account Address. Oi Vey! Really?? Ugh! And Now My Shop Has a 99% Which is Absolutley Frusterating to Me Seeing I Was Not at Fault. Ugh!
Anyways Flash Forward to Today May 26th She Sends Me an Etsy Non-Delivery Report Stating She Never Got Her Package. When WE WENT THROUGH THIS WHOLE SITUATION BACK IN FEBRUARY AND I GAVE HER, HER MONEY BACK!! omg! Really!!! So I’m NOT Refunding Her Money Back Again, I’m Just So Stressed Out It’s Insane I Emailed Etsy Telling them The Situation and I Hope They Cancel the Non-Delivery Report Since I’am in no Way Talking to that Insane Nutso Again! UGH!
So Much Drama It’s Crazy, Let Alone I LOVE Etsy SO Much They Have Given Me Insane Amounts of Opportunitys I Couldn’t Thank Them ENOUGH! Really! I LOVE THEM! I Can’t Picture Myself Without an Etsy Shop! But If i Could Suggest One Thing It Would Be to Protect the Sellers Just as Much if Not MORE Then the Buyers We Are the Ones Who Keep Etsy Going and Amazing. 😦 Ugh!
And To Make it Worse Today I Got A Neutral and Really People It’s Okay if You Dont Like Your Purchase But Please, PLEASE Explain What is Wrong Don’t Leave it Black and It’s Quite Childish in My Opinion! 😦

Okay I’m Done Venting!!

And To ALL The Many Amazing Buyers Who Have Purchased From I Couldn’t Be Here without You and Your Amazing Support You Are the BEST EVERRRRRRRRR! xoxoox





6 thoughts on “Mean Buyers

  1. I’m so glad you’re on Etsy and you’ve got amazing work!
    I know it’s super tough, but try not to let it get to you! Thick skin Sarah!
    Remember, you’re amazing and wonderful! And talented!

  2. That sucks. Some people are really annoying/ignorant. Some girl left me a neutral because she bought some glasses from me that CLEARLY had a white logo on the lense and she left me a feedback that was like “I didn’t see the logo” even SAYING she didn’t SEE it, not that it couldn’t be seen. So frustrating.

    Maybe you should contact Etsy again and explain to them and maybe they can take the feedback off for you? Since there’s no reason she should have been able to leave you a bad feedback.

    • awe that sucksssss! i just hate it so much! well i emailed etsy and they are making me prove that i did infact give them a refund earlier then they will try and close the case so we’ll see how that goes! :[

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