Plush You!

Oh My Goodness Gracious!! Today I Got a Lovely Email from Kristen at Schmancy Letting Me Know I Got into Plush You! Seattles Show!!! YAY!! I Sent Some Photos of My Lumber Jack Men Plushies and I Got In!! Hooray!! Seriously this Was Absolutley Shocking to Me and I Can’t Tell You How Thrilled and Honored I’am to Be in this Amazing Amazing Show!!! Eeep!! Plush I Get to Go to the Show in Seattle on October 8th!!! Hooray!!! I Can’t Wait I’ve Been Wanting to Go to Schmancy and Let Alone See All Of the Other Amazing Plush Artists!! Thank You SO Much Kristen for Letting Me be in the Show!! Eeeeeep!!!
So My Plan is To Kick Booty and Make 3 Super Super Super Good Looking Lumber Jack Men! I’m Going to Take My Time and Make Them Beautiful! I’m So Excited!! 🙂 Did I Mention I Can’t Wait to Go to Seattle?? Eeep!!
Too Much Excitement Must Go to Bed Now!!



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