Clothes Pin Re-Do!!

OKAY So I Know This is Actually A Super Old Project that I’m Sure Everyone Knows How to Do BUT I’ve Been Meaning to Make Some Just for Fun! And I Darn Well Did!! So I’m Not Sure if I’d Consider this a Tutorial But I Thought I’d Share My Steps of My Project I Did Today and Hope You Go Out and Make Some Too!!

First I Went to the Dollar Tree and Got a Huge Pack of Clothes Pins! And I Got Some Fun Embellishments Like Flowers, Gems, Sticker, Rub Ons and More!!
Then I Started Putting Fun Papers On it! I Used Some Ribbon As Well and Some Fun Stickers to Jazz It Up! šŸ™‚
Now It’s Time to Embellish the Hell Out of Them! šŸ™‚
Heres Some That I Made!!
And….. Somehow I Ended Up Making a Kajillionnnnn! So Addictive! And I Have So Many Other Ideas to Make with These Boogers! WooHoo! šŸ™‚

Not Only Are These Super Cute to Hang Your Laundry But Also to Jazz Up that Chip Bag! or Even for Hanging Photos of a Piece of Ribbon or For Place Cards Or Anythinggggg!! Adorable! If You Don’t Feel Like Makin’ Up But Want Some I’ll Be Putting The Ones I Made in My Shop Tonight Hooray!

Hope Everyone Had a Great Night!


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