Cameras + Fred Flare = Amazing!

So I Went on Fred Flares Website Here And Theres Sooo Many Awesome Things for Sale! I Loveeee Them! But I Wanted to Share Some of My Favorite Camera Themed Items They Have for Sale! 😀This Diana Mini Zipper Clip! I Personally Own This One and a Fish Eye Camera One And I Love Them Sooo Much! I Put it On a Chain to Make it a Sweet Necklace! And Now They Have 2 Other Types of Cameras So Much Fun!This Beautiful Camera! The Colors are Amazing! And How Much Fun Would The Photos Be!!This Awesome Shirt!! It Comes in Womens Sizes As Well!This Awesome Camera Bag!These Cool Magnets!This Amazing Stamp!And Last But Not Least a Camera Tape Dispenser!! 😀

Hope You Enjoyed These Items As Much as I Did! 🙂

I’ll Be Back Later, PLUS Tomorrow I Plan on Doing a Fun New Tutorial So Keep a Look Out!



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