Roses, Roses, Roses

So Today Me and Jereme Went to Joanns and Got Some Felt! And I Made 11 Rose Headbands! Yowzas It’s Pretty Much All I Did Today So My Fingers Hate Me! lol But Oh Well! 🙂 Here is What Turned Out! I’m Going to Post Them in My Etsy Shop When I Wake Up Tomorrow So Keep a Look Out if Your Interested in Any! 🙂
I’ll Also Have Some Deer Plushies and A Couple of Owl Plushies To Add As Well! And I Have a Bunch More Jewelry To Post So I Hope I Can Get to That As Well! 🙂

Tonight I Finally Watched the First Twilight! Okay I’ll Admit At First I Was Like What the Hell Who is Going to Like Twilight It Sounds So Lame! Then My Friend Took Me to the New Moon Midnight Show and It Was SO Good, and Then Jereme Got Me the First One And We Watched It Tonight And It Was SO Good Too and Now Everything Makes Sense! So I Was Excited to Watch That lol. 🙂 Geek Moment ;D
And We Watched Shrek 1! Tomorrow Were Going to Watch Shrek 2 and 3 On Sunday Its My Sisters Birthday And Were Seeing Shrek 4 in 3D So I’m Trying to Catch Up! 🙂
Anywho! I Guess That’s It! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! Have a Great Night!



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