Friday, Friday, Friday

First Of All I Have to Say THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCHHHH For Entering My Giveaway!! It’s SO Exciting to See Everyone Entering I Just LOVE It! And You Guys Are Making Me Sooooo Hungry with All of Your Favorite Foods!! Maybe I Should Have Choose A Different Topic! lol 😀 But I Can’t Wait to See Who Wins on Friday! So Exciting!!
Well Today We Didn’t Do Much Really Just Took Photos of Jeremes’ Crafts to Put On His Etsy Shop He Posted About 12 New Items If You’d Like to Check It Out! He Has a Kajillion New Items To Post As Well! 🙂
Molly Seemed to Enjoy the Sun in the Backyard! lol. She Just Kept Rollin’ and Rollin’ Around It Was So Cute!
I Even Got Jereme to Put on My Mustache on a Stick Disguise! haha Good TImes
I Did However Got a Beautiful Donut with a Ton of Sprinkles On It! It Was Sooooo Sweet Almost Made My Teeth Hurt! lol. But It Was Gorgeous!
Also My Homeless Cat Has Been Doing Good! He’s Been Eating the Food I Leave Him Like Crazy! And He Has Yet to Leave Me Any More Dead Gifts Which is Always a Plus! lol. 🙂 I Usually Feed Him at Night and He Is Getting Use to the Routine Since He Comes Running to Me and Meets Me at His Food Dish For His Grub! He’s Adorable and I Need to Get His Photo! He’s Too Cute!

So That’s About All We Did It Was Sunny Which is Always Awesome and Inpsiring Really! I Need to Do Some Cleaning! Craft Shows Always Turn My Room into a Major Disaster Zone Since Im Busy Getting Everything Ready and Made! Yikes! So I Should Clean But I’m Still Uploading Tons of Goodness in the Etsy Shop So We’ll See When It Gets Done! lol.

Tomorrow Were Cleaning Jeremes Apartment to Get Ready for My Birthday Party! Speaking of that It Was Suppose to Be a Surprise Birthday Party But I Went Over to Jeremes Apartment and he Had All of These Groceries and Cake Mixes Laid Out and I Knew Something Was Up Since He Never Has Food lol. So I Found Out! haha! Oh Well! It Should Be Lots of Fun!! 😀

Oh My Goodness I Forgot About This I Saw This Cake On Miss Kaylahs Blog Today! How Amazing Is This!!! I’m Literally Speechless at It! Gorgeoussss! She Finds the Best Images EVER!

Okay Well I’m Off to Bed Don’t Forget to Check Out My Etsy Shop for Lots of New Jewelry and Goodness I’m Still Working on Adding a Ton More Items So Everything Should Be Up Before the Weekend Ends! Hooray! And Make Sure You Enter the Giveaway! 😀 It Ends This Friday May 14th!

Have a Great Day Everyone!



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