Update and Some Favorites!

So I Added 36 New Items in the Shop! But Seriously I Have a KAJILLION Items to Add Still So I’ll Be Working Through the Night and Probably the Weekend Adding New Items! 🙂 So Keep a Look Out! But In the Meantime Have You Been on Urban Outfitters Website Lately? Oh Good Lord I Had To Show You Some of My Favorite Items They Have There!

And That’s JUST A FEW Of My Favorites Well in the Accessorie Department 🙂 So Many Cute Items! I Love That Store! Anyhow! Thank You EVERYONE Who Purchased Some of My Goodies on My Etsy Shop! I Appreciate it SO Much! Really I Do!!

Well Today Me and Jereme Did Some Birthday Supply Shopping and Went to Target (Like We Do Weekly! :D) And Hit Up the Dolla Tree ;D I Love That Place! And I Stumbled Upon a Huge Bag of Dum Dums That I LOVE at Target And Had To Get A Bag I’m Going to Attempt to Make a Pinata for My Birthday And Stuff It Full of Dum Dums! 🙂 I’m Going to Try and Make It Tomorrow! Super Fun Stuff!!

OKay Well I’ll Leave You With This Photo of Me and the Dum Dums! 🙂 Off to Taking More Photos of New Jewelry for the Shop! ❤



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