So Me and Jereme Went Mothers Day Shopping for Our Momma’s And We Got it ALL Accomplished! So Woot to That! 🙂 Then We Got Some Coffee at Brewed Awakenings and I’m Sorry But that Place is So Tacky and Stinky Yuck! Anyhow We Went Thrifting for a Little Bit and I Found My HUGE Cat Statue I’ve Been Wanting Forever and It Was Only $6! Heck Yea!And I Also Found a Cute little Lamb Planter! So Adorable!Not to Mention I Found These Adorable Owl Plaques The Whole Set for $5! I Love Them Especially the Teeny Tiny One!
Later On We Stopped By the Mall and I Had a $10 Gift Card from Victoria Secret for My Upcoming Bday And Wanted to Spend It Plus I Got An Email Saying if You Spend $60.00 You Get a Free Amazingly Cuuuute Umbrella! So It Was a Must! Its Even Shaped Like a Parasol I Can’t Wait to Use It! 🙂
I Also Got Some New Body Spray Smells Soooo Clean and Nice! And I Got Some Love Spell Anti Bacterial Hand Gel, and The BEST Ever Chapstik Seriously Its So Amazing Im So Going to Go Back and Get More Before It’s Gone! 🙂And I Got a Black V Neck and A Floral Romper that I Love Love Love!
Then We Ran Into Ross and I Found a Cute New Pair of Flats! So Fun! And A Blouse for Summer Time I Forgot to Take Photo Whoops! 🙂

Well That’s About It! I’m Working on New Photos of All the Goodness for the Next Update and I Meant to Show You Sneek Peeks Tonight But That Will Be Tomorrow For Sure! And I’ll Be Having A Great Giveaway on Thursday As Well! So I’ll Be Back Tomorrow!

Have A Great Night!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday!

  1. oh my gosh, i am beyond jealous. i’ve been wanting a kitty like that forever! everytime i see one it’s like 80 bucks, ridiculous!!

    • i know what you mean!! every goodwill ive been they were like a ton of money and i was so shocked it said $6!! eep ill so keep an eye out for one for you!! i do see them every now and then!! ill grab it if i see it!!

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