Crafty Wonderland!

OKAY So I’ve Been a WEE Lil’ Late on Blogging! Yikes! But It’s Been a Busy 3 Days Getting Set Up for the Show, Selling Day 1, Selling Day 2 and Now We are Finally Finished! Woot! It Was So Much Fun! And Great Seeing All the AMAZING Artists and Crafters It Was SO Great! And OF Course I Managed to Spend A Good Chunk of Money On Amazing Local Goodness Which I’m Super Thrilled About! Not to Mention The Cutest Thing EVER Was a Few of the Little Kid Artists Asked If I Wanted to Trade Some Things for Some of Their Artwork So OF COURSE I Said YES! And I Got a Few Adorable Artwork of Their’s These Kiddos Are Going to Be HUGE One Day! 😀 Anyhow! I Had Great Company My Parents and Family and My Friends and Jeremes Family It Was Great! Here Are Some Kajillion Photos from the Days!! 😀 my new astro-turf rug i bought and spruced it up with some felt daisys i quickly made lol ;DJeremes Lil’ BrotherAn Amazing Print I Traded from One of the Little Artists!CLEARANCE Bins! ;DJeremes Booth! Crafty Wonderlandddd Before It Started! Those Lights Reminded Me of Star Wars!Mine and Jeremes Favorite Artist Tripper Dungans Booth! He Does Awesome 3-D Art! So Amazing!One of the Many Amazing Kid Vendors at the Show! He Did The Office and Mr. T Paintings So Amazing!!Susanna and Jer Brought Me a Donut!! It Had Coco Krispies On It! So Good!Some of My Loot! (sorry for the crappy photo yikes!)Amazing Button Magnets from Alissa at A Tea Leaf! The Scissors Were the First Metal Thing I Found to Show You the Magnets lol. Got A Couple of Tripper Dungan Paintings!I FINALLY Got Some Maple XO Jewelry! Made from Skateboards! A Bracelet and A Pair of Earrings! Although I Just Might Be Doing a Giveaway for the Earrings!! So Stay Tuned!!

Okiedokie Im off to bed! ill be back tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Crafty Wonderland!

  1. I always love reading about your craft shows. With all the pictures you post I feel like I was also there. I wish they had craft shows where I live.

    • awe thanks lizette!! i can’t believe they don’t have craft shows where you live! thats crazy! you should come visit portland! we have kajillions!!

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