SO Much To Do!!

Title Says It ALL! YIKES! Today I Felt Like I Got a Bunch Done BUT Really I Didn’t Get a WHOLE LOT Done! And That Makes Me a Bit Worried! I Did Manage to Help Jereme Get His Booth Done! And It Looks So Cute and Colorful! He’s Really Excited! Although He Won’t Be at the Craft Show! Due to Recovery from the Surgery But He Said He’ll Be There On the Last Day for the Last Few Hours So That Should Be Fun, His Family is Running His Booth on Saturday and then Sunday I’ll Be Running His Booth and Mine! We’ll See How that Goes lol! šŸ˜€ Anyhow! I Can’t Even Think of What I Got Done Today I Know I Got Some Deer Flags Done! Which I LOVE I Haven’t Really Sold Many of Them But I Just Love Them So I Made Some! šŸ˜€ Ummm… Lets See.. We Did Manage to Put Tags on All the Jewelry and I Went Through and Figured Out What I Had Done and What Needed to Be Done and Of Course My List Is Growing But I Plan On Getting A Good Chunk of It Done Tomorrow! I’m Sewing On Some Sequins to These Cute Russian Doll Mini Garlands I Made I Just Love Them! Well I Suppose That’s It! Nothing to Fancy Going On! Just Crafting the Day Away! šŸ˜€ I Hope Everyone Had a Great Tuesday I Must Go and Finish these Sequins! I’ll Be Back! xo Sarah*Jeremes Table Set Up! He Made SO Much Stuff It’s Great!
Random Photos of the Crazyness!Molly is Never to Thrilled With Crafting! šŸ˜€ hehe.


2 thoughts on “SO Much To Do!!

  1. Awww Molly! My puppy is never thrilled about crafting either lol!
    The table looks great! I can’t wait to see yours!!

    ps I always look at your flickr, but I decided that’s cheating and I need to comment here on your blog lol

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