Busy Bee!

So I’ve Been Busy With Preparations I Wrote Down a To-Do LIst and Lets Just Say It’s Much LONGER Then I’d Like It To be! ;D Seeing That Theres Less Then a Week Till the Show! Yikes!! But I Managed to Fix My Camera Cord and Use A Different Cord So I Have Some Photos to Share From Last Week and A Few From This Week! 🙂 Today We Went to the Mall and Went to the LEGO Store and The Hello Kitty Store and We Played Some Basketball with Jeremes Brother Technically Just Me and Elliott Since Jereme is Injured Poor Thing. But It Was Fun, Speaking of Jereme! He Gets His Surgery Done on Friday Morning! So Hooray!! I Can’t Wait Till He Feels Better!! I Have More Photos to Share But I’ll Post Them Tomorrow Im SO Tired! I Hope Everyone Had a Great Week!! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow I Promise!


A Few Photos from When We Took Molly for A Walk! Last Week I Think It Was..

i attempted to make felt fortune cookies!

and a big gnome brooch!

got a fun new tank! and ipod cover!


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