Oi Vey! So Lately Things Have Been SUPER Hectic, I’ve Been Sick, Jeremes Been SICK and We Have An Insane Amount of Stuff to Do for the Craft Show and Its Hard to Do When Were Sick! Jereme Found Out He Has a Hernia!! Yikes! It Just Came All of a Sudden Out of No Where He Found A Hard Bump on His Abdomen and His Dad Said They Run in the Family and Sure Enough He Goes to the Doctor and Gets Some Xrays Done and It’s a Hernia! So Now We Are Waiting for Him to Get Some Cat Scans Done to See What Kind of Hernia it Is, and then To Set Up an Appointment for Surgery to Fix It! Were Hoping He Gets a Call Saying He Can Get His Cat Scans Done Tomorrow So That Will Be Out of the Way and He Can Move on to Surgery! So Sucky! 😦 And He Can’t Really Do Much Since he Needs to Rest As Much as Possible So That Stinks. 😦 And Theres No Real Medicine to Take Just Yet, So He’s Hoping He Can Get things Done ASAP. 😦 Sucks So Bad I Feel So Bad For Him!

Anyhow I Just Wanted to Pop in to Say Hi and Get Up to Date on Life. I’m Starting to Feel the Stress on Getting Things Ready, My Screen I Just Made for Owl Plushies Hates Me for Some Reason and Refuses to Print Correctly So I’m About Ready to Kill It! Arg! But I Got Some Rings Done Today and A Couple of Necklaces So Thats Better then Nothing! Tomorrow is My LAST Trip to the Craft Store! (thank goodness!) Then Its Back Down to Crafting! 🙂

My Camera Cord is STILL Not Cooperating with Me So Im Going to Have to Find My Other Camera to Transfer The Photos that Way! So Sorry This Blog Has No Photos! How Horribly Boring! 😦

Okay Well Im Going to Go Pay Some Bills and Get Some More Necklaces Done! I Hope Everyone is Having a Great Week So Far! Ill See You Tomorrow!



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