Oh Goodness I’ve Been So Late on Blog Posting! Yikes! I’m Back on Track I Swear!! Although I Have TONS of Photos to Share My Camera Cord Will Not Cooperate with My Laptop So I’ll Have to Figure Out Whats Wrong then Re-Upload Them! Argh! 😦
Anyhow! Lets See! I Almost Have ALL Of My Supplies For the Show! Thank Goodness! I’m Just Waiting on a Few Things to Get Mailed Here So We’ll See if I Get Them On Time! The Show is in Less then 2 Weeks Now! And Now I’m Starting to Actually Get Things Together! I’m a Horrible Procrastinator and I Just Know It’s Going to Bite Me in the Rear Soon Enough!
Today I Made a Quick Screen for Me and Jereme and I Managed to Make an Amazing Owl Plushie!! Yay! I’m So In Love With It! I’m Going to Make a Bunch! I Hope They Sell I Just LOVE Them! I Also Have Another Thing In the Works I’ll Show You Tomorrow! 🙂
AND While at the Craft Store Today I Stumbled Upon a Soap Making Kit on Clearance for $4.97 And I Was Like YES! And How Easy is it to Make Soap?? Really!! Amazing! And SO Much FUN!!! I Made 4 Bags of it! And I LOVE IT! I’m Going to See if People Like It then I’ll Get More to Make! I Wish I Can Just Make Tons of It But I Know I Need to Focus on All That Has to Be Done! Yikes!!
Oh And I’ve Been Working on A Few Tattoo Men! (They Still Need Hands and More Work! :)).

Okay Well I Just Wanted to Drop By! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow Lets Hope I Get My Camera Cord Working! I Hope Everyone Had a Great Week!!



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