Quick Blog Post!

So My Laptop is About to Die in Approxmately 7 Minutes So I Planned on Posting Some Photos But I Can’t Reach the Plug in Cord So This Will Be a Quickie Blog Post! 🙂 Anyhow! Today We Went to Joanns and I Finished Getting My Supplies for the Show! Tons of Faux Fur, Plaid, Eye Balls, Buttons, Etc. And I Managed to Get Some of My Tattoo Men Plushies Bodies Done! Phew! There Starting to Look Cute I Should Have Them Done Tomorrow then I’ll Have to Get Crackin’ On My Bearded Lumber Jack Men! Anyhow! I Stumbled Across ‘Plush You’ Plush Gallery Contest Thing, Where You Send them A Photo of One of Your Plushies and They Might Accept it Into Their Gallery in Seattle! And I’m Tempted to See if They Might Accept My Lumber Jack Men! I Might Try it Just for the Heck of It! 😀 Heres the Photos I Think I’ll Send! What Do You Think? Should I Give it A Whirl?

OKay I Have 4 Minutes Till My Baby Runs Dry So I Better Get Going! I Hope Everyone Had a Great Tuesday!! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow with a Better Post! 🙂



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