Psh! I Found My Charger! Mwahaha! 🙂 So Today We Went to the Apartment and I Decided to Re-Arrange the Toys and While Re-arranging I Realized We Have Lots of Awesome Toys! We LOVE Kidrobot Toys So Much! My Favorites are the Labbits by Frank Kozik! Love Love Love Him! Anyhow! I Took Some Photos While They Were on the Dining Room Table While I Was Re-arranging! Heres Some Photos! And Some of My Favorites! 🙂 the New Amanda Vissel Toy We Got the OTher Day!This One is a Oldie But I Think It’s Beautiful! I Wish We Bought More of These!When We Took the Photo We Were Like Holy Cow We Have Like No Toys! So Were So Going to Start Buying More! 🙂I LOVE The Jon Burgerman Big Carnival Thingy We Have!Where the Toys LIve, Along with Jeremes Big Colelction of Star Wars Toys!Our Lovely Tara McPherson Print!Of Course Kitty Had to Get in the Photo! 😀Kidrobot Sent Me Another Wilson Bear Since Mine Had a Backwards Ear! lol! 😀 So Now I Have Twins WootI Leave You with Sleepy Moo! 🙂

oh and PS: Check Out My Horrible Huge Deer Painting I Did Years Ago! haha We Finally Brought it Over to the Apartment Anyone Want it??? lol!




7 thoughts on “Dusting..

  1. Oh my goodness, I want that painting! I can’t for the life of me find any of the beautiful fawn kitsch that everyone in the blogosphere seems to find! I love it so much, and would totally pay shipping! please help this ottawa-vintage starved student 🙂

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