Birthday Wish List…

So I Was Reading Miss Chelsea’s Blog and She Has an Upcoming Birthday Coming Up and Made a Great Wish List, and I Figured it Would Be Fun to Do One Myself! Yesterday Was My One Month Until My Birthday Day (May 11th!) So I’m Pretty Excited Not Excited About the Fact that I’m Getting Old But the Fact that I’m Actually Planning on Doing Some Fun (were going ice skating!!) So Heres Some Items I’d LOVE to Get!

Sooooo Much Cute Stuff Out There! Although I told everyone i don’t want anything for my birthday this year!! I just want to have a fun ice skating birthday party with everyone! But it Was Sure Fun to Find Awesome Things!!! 😀

In Other News I’ve Been Feeding this Cute Skinny Homeless Cat the Pass Week and Today He Left Me a Present a Headless Mouse on the Door Step. Nice huh? lol. I Know it Was a Present But Yikes Was it Gross! lol. So Yeah. My Mom Said Stop Feeding it, But Of Course Im going to Feed it More! He’s So Skinny! 🙂
I Also Have Been Getting Horrible Pressure Tension Headaches I Think Its That I’m Stressing Out to Much about Getting Everything Done But I Got Some Medicine at the Store and I Really Think its Helping So Far. Thank Goodness. So I’m Off to Sew Some Bodies for My Men Stuff Animals. I’ll Be Back Tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List…

  1. Wait, what?! Our birthday is less than a month away!? That’s just crazy!
    That sewing machine is wonderful, I’d add it to my birthday wishlist, but I think that #1 is a job!

    • hehe! i know how sweet! i was first shocked but when i think it about its so sweet of it to share something with me as a thank you! it makes me want to feed it even more! and might i add im still feeding his cute butt! 🙂

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