Next Blogger Favorite!!

So Here is Another One of My Favorite Blogger/Etsy’er! ๐Ÿ™‚

Next Up is Miss Emalie! (how awesome does she spell her name!!)This Girl is SO Talented! Not Only Does She Have a Super Fun Blog Over at Ticky Tacky! She Also Knits and Makes Amazingly Adorable Accessories and Outfits for Lil’ Chihuahuas!! SO Adorable!! Molly is Only Half Chihuahua and the Other Half Dachshund So her Body is Definitely Dachshund So Darn It Or I Would Have Definitely Purchased Some of These Cutie Dresses!! Make Sure to Visit Her Etsy Shop Oh So Micro to Check Out The Cute Lil’ Dresses and Scarfs and More!!

Her Blog is the SO Fun To Read You Definately Have to Go Check It Out! She Has Super Fun Photos About Crafts and Life and Her Cute Lil’ Puppies!

Look At These Adorable Pillows She Crocheted!

JUST Look At Her Adorable Puppies! They are SO SO Cute!! And the One Where Their Spooning Makes Me Melt!! Eeep!

I Do Hope You Take a Peek at Her Etsy Shop and Inspiring Blog!@



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