Yesterday, and Today..

SO Yesterday.. (Friday) We Went to the Art Gallery and Dropped Off My Rose Painting But First We Went and Sold Some Clothes that I Never Wear and I Made $86.00! and Jereme Sold Some and Made $105! Yowzas! So We Decided to Head on Over to Noodle & Company! Then We Ran Into MIssing Link and Got One of the New Amanda Vissel Toys I Totally Forgot to Take a Photo of The Toy! I’ll Show You Tomorrow! But I Did Get Another Labbit HES GLOW IN THE DARK! omg! I Love Him! Jereme Got Me a Dunny Keycahin Too! I LOVE These Kidrobot Keychains! And We Stopped into This Grocery Store Next to Powells on Hawthorne and I Bought THE THE THE THE BEST Dark Chocolate Truffle. Seriously…. this was Amazing, I Wanted to Go Back and Get More But We Were Already on the Bridge Home So Darn It! lol. Jereme Got Me an Amazing Gerbera Daisy Too! I Found Some Stickers! An Owl, Yeti, Reading is Sexy, Knitting is Knotty! I’m Sticking them On My New Craft Table to Jazz It Up! 🙂 Then We Went Bowling with Jeremes Family and Craig and that Was Fun!

Then Today I Was Lazy and Got All of My Charms Organized to See If I Need to Re-Order Anything for the Show,And While I Was Organizing The Post Man Dropped Off a Big Package of Some Charms! Hooray! So That Kept Me Busy Today! Tomorrow I’m Getting Down to Business! Oh And I Even Ordered Some Of the Capsules for the Crane Machine! Yay!

And While We Were Out Yesterday Jereme Was Paying for Parking and I Started Laughing and Told Him He Looks So Much Like the Guy in the Hangover!! lol. So I Took a Quick Photo Although When He Isn’t Smiling it Looks SO Similar lol. haha

Okay I’m Going to Do One More Post About Another One of My Favorite Bloggers then I’m Off to Bed, BUSY Day Tomorrow! I Hope Everyone Had a Great Couple Days!!



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