One of My Favorite Etsy Shop and Blogger!

SO I Was Looking on My Blog and I LOVE So Many Of My Fellow Bloggers/Etsy-ers! So I Decided to Atleast Show You Some of Their Amazing Creations! So I’m Going to Talk About Each of My Favorite Bloggers Which Are Nicely Located On the Right Side of My Blog! πŸ™‚

First One Up is My Pal Kerri!! She Has an Amazing Blog Called Cute Little Disaster! I Met Her When She Purchased Some of My Deer Items from My Etsy Shop A While Ago! And We Have the SAME Birthday!!! So Our Friendship is Pretty Much Met to Be Right?? πŸ˜€ Shes an Amazing Student Doing Amazing Projects Really This Gal Is Talented! And One Day Im Coming to Canada to Visit Her and Shes Going to Sneak Me into Class and Were Going to Make Felt and All Kinds of Goodness! So Im Pretty Excited!! πŸ˜€ Anyhow Here Are Some of Her Photos from Her Blog I Stole! (i hope she doesn’t mind! hehe).
She Re-vamped Her Basic Grocery Re-Useable Totes that You Get at the Stores and Added Some Amazing Fabric to Them and Now They are So Cute!Um Can You Say These Bags Are Beautiful?? I Think So!! She Made These! Seriously! I Drooled Over Them as Soon as I Saw them On Her Blog!She Made This Awesome Wall Art Out of A Gas Station Number and Some Fabric! I LOVE It! If Only I Had Luck to Find Some Huge Numbers Laying Around!! πŸ˜€Seriously Kerri! Your So Talented! She Made this Show Curtain!And She Even Made a Button Pillow!

So if You Get a Chance Do Visit Her Blog and Read All Her Lovely Posts About Her Life, and School, and Creativeness! πŸ˜€


PS: Tomorrow’s Favorite Blog Post will Be Miss Kaylah from Dainty Squid!


2 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Etsy Shop and Blogger!

  1. Oh my goodness, Sarah! This is so nice of you!
    I can’t believe you dedicated a whole post to little ol’ me! You’re so sweet! **hugs**
    Yes, I really do hope you come and visit someday! We’ll make crafty things! And I’ll show you all the sites around Toronto!

    • your soooo welcome!!! okay im so starting planning a trip there how about next year?? deal?? id do it this year but im not sure if ill have enough funds saved up!! plus i have a package i need to mail out to you soon!! i promise it’ll be in the mail asap!!

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