Easter Photos!

So I Meant to Post These Photos Yesterday But I Fell Asleep as Soon as I Was Getting Ready to! So Here They Are! 🙂 It Was Super Fun! Jereme Got Me Lots of Goodness Including Lots of Reeses Eggs I LOVE, the Frank Kozik Wilson Grumpster Bear!!! SO CUTE! and the Chocolate Easter Bunny Charm from Juicy for the Charm Bracelet! Adorable! I Got Him Some Star Wars Goodness and A Video Game and Some Coheed and Cambria Special Edition Thing that Comes Out in May Or Something! lol! not Sure!
Anyhow! I Got Some Super Pretty Easter Flowers and Molly Got Some Toys and Treats and We Did Easter Eggs with My Family and Had Coffee and Mom Made ‘A Spam Ham’ lol. Everyone Really Liked it Though! It Smelled Good!! lol. And I Made Some Quick Cupcakes Using This Amazing Frosting in a Spray Can! What a Great Idea!! We Then Were Going to Fly the Smurf Kite Outside But It Started Pouring Down Rain So We Took Molly For a Drive and Ended Up in Hockinson and Found a Random Park with COWS Nearby and Molly Didn’t MInd the Rain! So That Was Nice! And Then We Got Back to Crafting, Which I’m Going to Craft My Butt Off Right After This Post! So Wish Me Luck! 🙂 Have A Great Monday Everyone!!


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