Huge Rose!

So I Just Wanted to Stop By Real Quick to Show You a Huge Rose I Made Today! Not Only is It Huge Its Also a Hair Clip AND A Brooch/Pin! Wear it In Your Hair or Pin it On Your Cardigan or Tote Bag! So Cute! It’s in the Shop Right Now! I Think I’ll Make a Few for the Upcoming Craft Show! 😀 Heres Also Some Photos of Me Organizing! I’ll Be Back to Post About Easter and What Not! I Hope Everyone Had a Great Easter!!



6 thoughts on “Huge Rose!

  1. P.S. Where did you find your giant ice cream cones?! I spent some time online yesterday, and the cheapest I found was from Have you ever ordered from them?

    • i saw that website!! they have amazing things!! i actually bought mine on i just went on there and the seller doesnt look like he’s selling them anymore! 😦 but you can try and keep looking on amazon and just type in like icecream cone bank! i hope you find one!! ill keep looking!

    • awe thank you so much!! its still extremely messy but its getting there i have to much craft supplies lol! yes and i love pez!! it was one of my new years resolution to have a pez collection!!

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