Etsy Favorites!

So Today Me and Jereme Worked on Organizing a Bit, and Watched Some of the Movies We Bought But Realized the Movies We’ve Never Seen But Had Awesome Covers Turned Out Quite Crappy! So We’ll Be Putting Those on Amazon Tomorrow! But We Did Watch Another Movie Called Warhola It’s About Andy Warhols Family in Poland and Some People Go to Poland and Interview His Aunt and Cousins And Everyone Knows About Him. And They Have A Andy Warhol Museum! It Was Really Fun and Good! I LOVE Andy Warhol So Much! I Went and Saw His Exhibit in Salem I Believe a Couple Years Ago and I Just About Died, And When We Went to London I Saw Some of His Amazing Items at the Tate! So Good! Anyhow I Suggest You See It! 🙂

We Then Went to Joanns to Use Our 25% Off Your Entire Purchase Coupon There and Get Some Craft Goodness I Need for the Upcoming Show, But We Get There and Realize Jereme Cut The Coupon Out of the Newspaper But Left the Barcode! lol! So We Couldn’t Use It! lol! But We Realized You Can’t Use it On Sale Items, and Whenever They Have Those Coupons Everything in the Store HAPPENS To Be On Sale! lol. Psh! Oh Well! But I DId Get Some Items Mostly FELT! lol. Seriously I Shouldn’t Be Around Felt, I Love it So Much! lol.

Well Thats About All We Did Today! Tomorrow Were Finally Crafting Thank Goodness Since We Have a Ton To Do! And On Tuesday I Get to Order My Supplies on Etsy! YAY! 🙂 So Speaking of Etsy I Thought I’d Share Some of My Favorites! Enjoy!

Hope Everyone Had A Great Day! Happy Weekend!! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! 🙂

Amazing Camera Pouch Made By Kaylah I Need to Buy This Soon Instead of Drooling Over It Everytime I See It! 😀Vintage Piggy Bank From LissaAdorable Coasters By Casa Di AriesThese Amazing Scissor Cozies By Local Portland Crafter Bossa Nova Baby I NEED To Purchase These! I Loose My Scissors ALL The Time and I Just Know I Wouldn’t Loose Them With Theses Cozys On Them!Beautiful Soap Made By Silje

SO Much Cute Stuff!! xo


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