It’s Been A Busy Busy Day!

So Today Was Super Crazy! We Woke Up Early and Picked Up My Aunt From the Airport and Got Her Settled in to Her Room, and Saw Her Cute Cat Boobaloo! He Is Super Cute and Shy! So He Prefers to Stay in His Room and Not Roam Around the House Which Ends Up Being a Plus Since Molly Is So Stubborn and Has to Run the House!
I Must Sound Paranoid About Getting Cats Near Molly! But A While Back We Took Molly To Jeremes Apartment to See Kitty And Kitty Was Under Jeremes Bed and Molly Went And Sniffed Under the Bed and Along Comes Kitty From the Corner of My Eye in Mid Air Mind You! To Attack Molly! So I Jumped On Molly So She Wouldn’t Get Attacked and Kitty Held Onto My Face and Jereme Grabbed Kitty and Threw Her Down the Hall Since Kitty Was Determined to Get Molly Out of the House! Needless to Say I Got My Face Cut Up, But Molly on the Other Hand Left the Apartment Nice and Unharmed! So THIS Explains My Paranoia of Molly Around Cats! Ugh!
Anyhow! 🙂 Here are a Few Photos from Today and A Couple from A Few Days Ago! I Cant Believe I Haven’t Taken Many Photos Lately! I Need to Get Back On That!

We Went to Panera A Few Days Ago to Get My Favoriteeee Soup Ever! And They Gave Us a FREE Loaf of Bread! Since They Made To Much! 🙂 SCORE!Jereme Got Me Some Super Cute Tulips!We Gardened! We Planted Wild Flowers and Some Pumpkins and Some Clovers! 🙂The Craft Store Ran Out of Red Felt (as usual! arg) So We Got a Yard of It! 🙂I Hung Up Some Of My Silly Vintage Paintings! Not the Best Arrangement But Good Enough for Now!We Hung Up My Deer Heads!FINALLY Hung My Adorable Cross Stitch Kerri Made Me! I LOVE It!!Re-Arrange My Wall a BitJereme Made Me Some Shelves for My Craft GoodiesI Also Hung My House Shelf Up! And Stuffed it With GoodiesOrganized Some of My Deers/Owls/Other Creatures! 🙂Got a Cute Liberty of London Frame! They Fit the Fuji Instax Photos Great!And LAST But NOT Least! I Found My Urkel Doll! 🙂

I Hope You Enjoyed the Photos! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! Well Today! 🙂 Today is Suppose to Be Windy! Ugh! I Hate The Wind! Especially When You Hear it Whistle! Eeep Scares Me! :[ But We Are Going to Try and Fly Some Kites So That Should Be Fun! 🙂 Have a Great Night!



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