Thrifting Success!

So Me and Jereme Went Thrifting! On Thursday He Printed Out a Bunch of Antique Stores to Go to in Portland But We Ended Up Going to Missing Link They Sell TONS Of Kidrobot Goodness and I Ended Up Getting the Chocolate Heidi Kenney Donut Pillow to Go Along with My Pink One! I Also Ended Up Getting Sarge As Well! šŸ™‚ And We Got A Couple of New Toys I Got One of the New Labbits and One of the New Mongers (Frank Kozik is My Favorite Artist and Labbits Are By Far My Favorite Toys Ever I Should Really Take a Photo of ALL Of my Labbits! ;D) Jereme Got Some More Blank Toys to Doodle On for the Upcoming Craft Show! So It Was Good Times! We Went to A Couple of Thrift Shops But Didn’t Find Anything Amazing! But We Did Go to Goodwill After Dinner and I Found an Amazing Dopey Looking Cat Statue and Some Awesome Huge Fruit Vintage Magnets! As Well As 2 Cutie Pie Vintage Dog Paintings! (I Have 2 Other Ones Like This But They Are Cats So It’s PERFECT).Oh And I Forgot to Share This New Deer I Purchased On Etsy for My Collection! Eeep I Just LOVE It! I Have 2 Similar Ones But They Look More Like Girls and I Thought This One Would Be a Cute ‘Boy Looking’ Deer! šŸ™‚And I Also Got a New Timbers Shirt from Etsy! I Just LOVE It! Their Shirts are So Comfy and Amazing!And We Also Went to a Comic Store! Comics Store Smell Like My Childhood! Ever Since I Was Little I’ve Collected Wonder Woman Comic Books! I Have a BUNCH I Really Should Start Collecting Those Again! I Do Have a Bunch of Wonder Woman Goodness I Show You!Oh and I Finally Got Some Nice Frames With Mats for the Prints Silje Mailed Me! (They Won’t Be Hung Up There! But Just An Idea :)). I Just LOVE Them!

Well Yesterday We Decided to Do Some More Thrifting But in Vancouver and We Had Lots of Success! I Found All Kinds of Goodness! I Got Some Teal and Black Polka Dot Fabric! A TON OF HUGE COLORFUL BUTTONS FOR $1.99!! I LOVE THEM! (sorry… i got excited hehe). I Also Got An Amazing Set of Teal Jars I Have a Green One Identical to It! So I Was Excited, I Also Got A Wooden Calendar I’m Going to Sprucin’ Up, and A New Thing To Hold All of My Spools of Thread Since Mine Is Overflowing! Yowza, and I Got a Huge Owl Statue Sitting on a Book for $2.00!! So Amazing as Well as A Silly Tree Stump Statue! I LOVE IT! So much Goodness! Not to Mention Jereme Was in a Bad Called ‘Bad Habits’ in High School, and We Were Looking at Some Shirts at Value Village and What Did He Find at the Store?? a BAD HABITS T-SHIRT THEY USE TO SELL AT THEIR SHOWS! lol! It Was So Funny! He Of Course Bought It and It Happens to Be His Size! So That Was the Best Part of the Day!

I Also Got a New Craft Table to Replace the Ones I’m Using Now Which are For Craft Shows! Yay! I Just Need to Put It Together Dun Dun Dun Dunnnn. To Be Continued… hehe. šŸ™‚

Oh and Got Some More DVDs at the Movie Store Closing Down! We Got All the Ones We Wanted So We Don’t Have to Go Back Again!They Were Only 1.98! or 6 for $10!

I Now Must Do Some Spring Cleaning! I leave You With Some Photos of Miss Molly. Have a Great Saturday Everyone! It’s Actually Suppose to Be Super Sunny and Nice Today! Yay!



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