Beach! and Goonies! Can It Get Any Better?

So Today Me and Jereme Took Miss Molly Pants to the Beach (Cannon Beach) And Then We Did Some Other Tourist-y Things That We’ve Been Meaning to Do! We First Went to Cannon Beach and It Was SO Busy Because Of Spring Break! TONS Of Dogs and Kids Everywhere! But We Managed to Find a Place to Sit on the Beach and Eat Pizza So It Worked Out! Then We Went to a View Point that Was SO Amazing And SO Pretty! It Was So Breezy So We Didn’t Stay To Long! Then We Went to Hug Point and It Was SO Cold Down There We Decided to Take a Quick Photo then Leave We Plan On For Sure Going Back to Hug Point when Its a Bit Warmer! Then We Went to Astoria And Went Up to the Goonies House! We’ve Been There Before But Never Taken A Photo In Front of It So We Had to Do That! And Went to the School Where Kindergarten Cop Was Filmed At! Then Went and Saw the Sea Otters at the Pier! Then We Made it Home! And The Dog is Exhausted! But It Was So Much Fun! So Anyhow! Here is a Bunch of Photos from Todays Adventure! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! I Hope Everyone Had a Great Wednesday!
Sarah*So Many Pretty Trees Outside!Miss Molly! Getting a little Cranky Waiting for Our Pizza!Yay for Sand!Jereme Writing on the WallJereme and MollyMe and MooYep She REFUSED to Go into that Cold Water!Awe Moos Paw PrintsWe Found a Part of the Beach that Was Empty! Yay!Us! We Werent Fully Prepared for the Photo hahaJereme and MollyMe Flying My Mini Kite! I LOVE Flying Kites!Molly and Jereme Chasing the SeagullsJereme and MooMe and Molly Looking At the View ;DMollyJereme Picked Some Flowers for Me! ;DGoooonies House!On the Pier to See Those Loud SealsThey Were SO CUTE!SO WindyYAY For Kindergarten Cop! 🙂

I’m Off to Bed!

Good Night Everyone!



2 thoughts on “Beach! and Goonies! Can It Get Any Better?

  1. Molly is such a cute puppy! And that’s one of my favorite names too. 🙂

    What a fun day you planned! I wish I lived close to a beach. I would love to have a fun day like that with my puppy.

  2. Awe Thanks!! I Know! I Wished We Lived Closer to the Beach! I Mean it Is Just 2 Hours! But It Would Be Amazing to Live Even Closer! Then We Can Go More Often! 🙂

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