So Today Was a Bit Non Productive in the Craft Portion of My Day! But I’m Staying Up All Night Getting Projects Done! So That Should Be a Long Night! 🙂 Ha! Tomorrow Me and Jereme Have to Go to the Post Office! Then Where Taking Miss Molly to the Beach On Wednesday! So We’ll Have to Get Ready for that! I’m So Excited! We Were Thinking About Going on Thursday But Decided to Go On Wednesday Since the Weather Will be Much Better! And Since We’ll Have Molly With Us We’ll Have to Eat Outside So Good Weather is a Plus! 🙂
Anyhow! Here are a Few Photos From a Few Days! 🙂 Bunch of Misc. Photos! Yay For Blue Sky!We Got the New Weezer CD!hahaha 🙂Yum! Taco Del Mar!We Got a Few New Movies 🙂Frogs! Don’t Mind the Dirty Tank! ;DClouuudyhaha at Noodle & Company Penne Rosa! with Lots of Rooster Sauce 🙂Awesome New Tissue Paper I Got Today!Working on a New Rose Painting for an Art ShowJeremes Creepy Kidrobot Toy He Drew On 🙂 hehe

Alrighty Sorry this Post is a Bit Short I Really Need to Get Back to Crafting If I Want To Get Everything I Want Done By Morning! 🙂 I Hope Everyone Had a Great Day! And I’ll be Back Tomorrow! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Today!

    • heck yes rooster sauce on pretty much anything is my key ingredient 🙂 the spicier the better! hehe although i will admit the penne rosa is STILL amazing without the rooster sauce 🙂

    • awe thanks!! ooo i LOVE how you did those kidrobot toys!! SO pretty!!! i would attempt to do one but im so afraid id mess up, lol i do have a blank munny but i just left him blank because im a whimp. :[ hehe

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