Officially A MacBook Owner!

YES! Yesterday Me and Jereme Went Down To His School in Portland and He Purchased Me a MacBook! WooHoo! It’s So Beautiful It’s Crazy! I Feel Like I Have to Make Sure I Wash My Hands Before I Use It! Especially When I Eat Things Like Hot Cheetos! haha! 🙂 So Anyhow! We Got the Computer then Ate at Hot Lips Pizza and Did Some More Shopping! We Went Saw the Major of Portland! (He’s in the Photo with the Bike Helmet On! Sorry! We Were Driving Pass and I Was Like that Guy Looks EXACTALLY Like the Major! ha!).

Today I Have a List of Roses To Make and Get Out to the Post Office Later this Afternoon So I’ll Be Busyyy, Not to Mention I Have Pins to Make and Still Have Yet to Retrive All the Images from My Old Laptop! 😦 We’re Taking it to the Computer Doctors On Monday! Then Things Will Be Back to Normal! Yay!

And I Forgot to Share These Amazing Baby Pink Reader Eyeglasses (They look Peach in the Photo and Tinted Lenses for Some Reason? But they are the PERFECT Shade of Baby Pink and Clear Lenses :D). Anyhow We Went to the Store and They Didn’t Have My Eye Strength So We Went Online and Ordered the Correct Strength! So Not Only Will they Be Amazingly Awesome I Will Be Able to See Correctly With Them! SCORE! 🙂

Okiedokie I’m Off to Make Those Roses! I’ll Be Back Later Taters! 🙂
Oh And I’m On Now! My User Name is OhMyDeer I’m Still Trying to Figure it Out! 🙂 Let Me Know if You Have One!!



6 thoughts on “Officially A MacBook Owner!

    • shockingly forever21!!! they are on their website!! and they have black ones too! but i fell in love with the baby pink one! and they were a mere $5.80!

  1. This may be my first time actually commenting on your blog, but I’ve been reading for a while now. You make some amazingly cute stuff! And congrats on the computer. I’m super jealous. 🙂

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