A Few Photos from a Few Days Ago..

Found ALL This Ribbon While Cleaning Some of My Room! ha! and thats not all of it! Yowzas! I Got Creative with the Nail Polish ahah 🙂i LOVE you Vancouver!This Plant was a Plant Jereme Got Me Like… 5 Years Ago It was the Shape of a Heart But My Mom Had it In the Back Yard then Our Hydrangea Plant Took Over the Ivy Plant So We Had to Dig it Up and It Now Lives on the Apartments Porch. 🙂This is Kitty in All Her Sexyness haha 🙂Kitty Watching Jereme Playing Video GamesI Look a Bit Puzzled ;DJereme Got this Cute Robot About a Month Ago! I LOVE It!Creepy Yet Cool PinocchioMe as a Rabbit ;D KITTYCan You See Me?Oooook Shes KINDA Cute 😀I Came Downstairs to A Very Manly Looking Jereme in All His Pink and a Fluffy Cat Upon Him ;DWe Made Homemade Ice Cream with Jeremes Brothers! Go Here To See More Photos of the Ice Cream Making!Jeremes Parents Always Has the Cutest Flowers!Mission Baby Pink Donut ACCOMPLISHED so tasty!

I’ll Be Back Later for Some Photos and Hopefully A Good Update for the Etsy Shop! WooHoo!



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