Liberty of London You’ve Stolen My Heart!

So I Totally Forgot Yesterday the Liberty of London Collection Made it to Target Stores and! Ah! I Can’t Believe I Forgot! Tomorrow I Plan On Getting My Hands On Some of This Goodness! I Browsed Online and Most of Everything is Sold Out! So I Hope the Stores Have Some Items Left! 🙂 The Items Make Me Feel So Springy! And Feels Like Summer Is Just Around the Corner! Yay! Here are A Few Items I Just LOVE! 🙂

I Think This Tray Would Be Perfect for Craft Shows To Display Your Items On! Or Even at Home for Jewelry! 🙂SERIOUSLY Target You Have CHAIRS of Beautifulness! Your KILLING ME! 🙂Oh How I Could Fill These Cutie Pies Up with Crafty Goodness! 🙂I’m Just Going to Say It. I NEED THIS BAG! Seriously.. It’s Like a Beautiful Vintage Yet New Style Bag! Ugh I’m Dying! This is Something I Will Have to Snatch Up if They Have Any Left! Such a Beautiful Blouse!This Wallet is Amazing! I LOVE The Design it’s So Perfect!I Leave You With the BIKE! Okay I’m Seriously Drooling at It! I LOVE The Pattern and That Seat is Amazing! And This One is the Kids Size Which is PERFECT For Me Since Im As Tall as a Child This is the Perfect Size! This Seriously If They Have THIS Bike For Sale at the Store I’m SO Going to Get It! (even before the handbag! gasp!). 🙂

I Hope Everyone Enjoyed Those Photos as Much as I Did!! Hopefully Tomorrow I’ll Have Some Fantastic News Of The Purchase of That Beautiful Bike! Or Atleast the Hand Bag! 🙂

xoxo Have a Super Day! It’s Actually Sunny Here in Washington! Hooray! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Liberty of London You’ve Stolen My Heart!

  1. I also drooled for a good hour. Unfortunately I am broke and paying my electric bill seems a better option, although not as cute or fun. I hope you get everything you wanted!

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