My Laptop is Dead. :(

SO Sad! It Was Weird the NIGHT BEFORE It Died I Told Jereme, “It’s Going to Suck So Bad Once This Computer Dies Since I JUST Added ALL Of My Awesome Stickers On It!” Yeah The Next Morning It Won’t Turn On! 😦 Next Week I’m Taking it In To the Computer Shop To Get All of the Photos Off of It and Put On To a External Hard Drive SO I Can Atleast Have My Photos! (That’s What I Was Most Worried About) I’m Going to Tell Them Not to Fix the Computer Since I Knew It Was Going to Die Soon! Jeremes Going to Get Me a Mac Book In A Week or So! So That’s Super! So Things Will Be Back to Normal! πŸ™‚

(my aunt and my mom in photo)

Anyhow! Not to Much Has Been Going On My Aunt Is Moving Here on April 1st From Guam! So Shes Staying With Us Until She Saves Up Enough money to Get an Apartment of Her Own! So Thats Cool! She Already Worked at a ROSS Over in Guam and They Transfered Her Over to a ROSS Over Here So Thats Great that Shes Going to Have a Job Already! Anyhow! We’ve Been Working On Her Room, and Our Bathroom Painting It, It Was This Horrible Peach Color When My Family Moved In Like 7 Years Ago and They Even Painted the Ceiling the Peach Color! (barf!) And We STILL Had Yet to Paint It, So We’ve Been Painting It Yesterday and Today Will Be the Actually Color Painting! It’s Going to Be a Nice Light Tan/Brown! Super Nice!

I Can’t Find My Camera Cord to Connect to this Computer Or I Would Have Photos! So Sorry About the Very Text-y Blog Post! πŸ™‚ Okay Well Im Off to Get Orders Ready then I’m Working On My Room/Craft Room Today It’s a Huge Disaster Zone! (whats new! ha!) πŸ™‚ Hopefully I Find My Cord So I Can Post Some Photos Tonight! πŸ™‚ WooHoo!

Have a Super Sunday Everyone!!

x o x o


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