Tutorial! How to Make Tissue Paper Hanging Orbs!

So I Meant To Post A Tutorial On How to Make These Boogers But I Have Yet to Do So! So I Did a Super Quick Tutorial Sorry the Photos Aren’t Great It’s Been Quite Gloomy Over Here! 🙂

What You’ll Need!

– Tissue Paper (In Any Colors! or Patterns!) You’ll Need About 5 Sheets! You Can Stick With One Color Of Even Mix Them! 🙂
– Scissors
– Clear Thread! (Or Any Thread or String Will Work!)

Step #1:
Lay Out 5 Sheets of Your Choice Of Tissue Paper!

Step #2:
Simply Cut the Sheets In Half!

Step #3:
Stack All of The Sheets of Tissue Paper On Top of Each Other!

Step #4:
Start Folding the Tissue Paper An Accordian Fold! Keep Folding Till You Get To the End of the Tissue Paper! 🙂

Step #5:
Now Take Your Clear String or Thread And Wrap It Around the Folding Tissue Paper and Make Nice Tight Knot!

Step #6:
Now Cut Both Ends of the Folded Tissue Paper Into Rounded Edges! Or You Can Even Cut the Ends Into a Triangle for a More Pointy Look!

Step #7:
Start Fanning Out Each Side!

Step #8:
Now Start Pulling Up Each Layer of Tissue Paper! Keep Pulling On each Side! And It Will Soon Become a Cutie Pie Fluffy Tissue Paper Orb! Just Fluff It Up At the End and It Will Start Looking More and More Like a Ball! 🙂

Step #9:
Now Cut a Little Hole in One of the Ruffles and String Some of the Clear Thread Through It and Make a Nice Tight Knot! Now It’s Ready To Hang!

Step #10:
YOUR FINISHED!!! 🙂 Now Go Make a Kajillion and Fill Your House With Lovely Lil’ Orbs! 🙂

Well There You Have It! 🙂 I Hope It Was Easy! If You Make One I’d LOVE TO See It! I Think These Are Perfect to Hang Above Your Bed or Anywhere in the House! Or Even Better for Special Events! 🙂 If You Have Any Questions or Need Help Do Let Me Know! 🙂



12 thoughts on “Tutorial! How to Make Tissue Paper Hanging Orbs!

  1. i think i’ll make these for the brunch we’re going to have after the wedding! great idea, and thanks for the tutorial!!


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    • Thanks Jessica!! I used a hole puncher to punch a hole in the tip of one of the ‘petals’ and used clear thread and made a knot through the hole and hung it up that way! 🙂 I hope that made sense… haha 🙂

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