So Today! Me and Jereme Went to the Bank and Had Some Sushi and The Sushi Was SOOOO Good! And the Service Was Good Too and THEY EVEN HAD MY INARI! šŸ™‚ It’s the Only Thing I Eat There Since I Don’t Eat Fish or Meat or Any Sorts of That Stuff and I Just LOVE Inari! And The Yummy Rooster Sauce Mix They Have Oh Bebe! I Meant to Take Photos But Realized I Didn’t Have the Camera, then Jereme Found It In His Hoodie Pocket! Ha! Oh Well! šŸ™‚ I’m Tempted to Go Back Tomorrow And Get Some More! We’ll See! šŸ™‚
Then We Dropped By Target Since I Haven’t Been There in atleast a Week Which Feels Like Years To Me!! šŸ˜€ Anyhow! I Found An Amazing Toy Crane Machine!!! ON Clearance for $6!!! SIX DOLLARS! Holy Cow I Dropped Everything That Was in My Hands And Grabbed It and About Had a Heart Attack! I LOVE IT! I’m Going to Use it at My Craft Show and Get Lil’ Orb Capsules For It and Put Small Earrings and Other Oh My Deer! Goodness! I’m So Excited! It Even Plays Music and Has a Light!
I Also Found This Cutie Pie Bucket Its Pink and Has an Anchor! Can It Seriously Get Any Better! Oh Wait Yes It Can! I Bought Mini Air Head Candys! Yummmmm-O! šŸ™‚
Well I Came Home and Had Subway for Dinner and Went to the Gym for a Bit and Did My Tutorial And Now I’m Going to Sleep Since I Have Such a Bad Headache My Sinuses Are KILLING ME! It Feels Like My Nose and My Eyes are So Cold and Pain! Ugh! I Hope I Wake Up Feeling Super! We’ll See! šŸ™‚
Anyhow I Hope Everyond Had a Great Day! And I Forgot to Mention Please Go Visit Silje’s Blog! Shes Trying To Get Donations for Her Trip To Texas For the Miss Tattoo USA! Any Amount Of Money Will Help! You Can Pay Her Via Paypal On Her Blog or On FaceBook! I Plan On Donating On Tuesday For Her Trip I’m SO Happy To Donate She’s A Great Person and Will Definately Win! šŸ™‚


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