The Trees Are Blooming!

Ah! Is It Me or Am I The Only One Who Just Squeels When I See that the Trees are Now Blooming! Which Means Spring is ALMOST Here and Flowers Will Start Blooming then Summer Is Next to Show Up! Yes!! I’m So Excited for Summertime! I Have Big Plans for Summer! Lots of Thrifting, Craft Shows, Beach Trips and More! 🙂
Anyhow! Today Was Not So Great in the Whole Acomplished Misson I Had Planned On! I Spent Most of the Day Getting Recent Orders Packaged in time to Run to the Post Office Before It Closes So I Was Running Around Like a Crazy Lady! But We Made it There in Time, then Had Some Lunch and Took Moo For a Walk! She Was Super Happy and Saw a Big Dog and Barked At Him So It Was a Good Day for Her As Well! 🙂
Tomorrow I Have to Go Back to the Post Office to Drop Off a Couple of Orders I Didn’t Get Mailed Out (ran out of envelopes ugh!). Then Were Going to Get Some Sushi Jeremes Stressed Out About Getting into a Masters Program for School But I Just Know He Will Get Into One Soon! It Seems So hard to Get Into Certain Programs That Only 2 Schools Offer In the Portland Area So he Might Have to End Up Going Up to Pullman If All Else Fails So Were a Bit Stressed Out Figuring Out Things for Him to Get Into His Masters Program So he Can Finally Be Done With School and Not Be Stressed Out Anymore! I Just Wish I Could Help Him, So Were Looking Up More Schools to Apply for! So Cross Your Fingers For Him that He Gets Into a Great School He SO Deserves It!
So Yes Sushi Tomorrow! Next Week I’m Going to Get Some New Screens So I Can Make 3 New T-Shirt Designs Im So Excited About It! I Even Got Some Amazing Pastel Color Inks at the Store Baby Pink, Purple, and Blue SO Springy I Just Love It! I See Totes and Tees in the Works My Friends! 🙂
Sorry This Post is So Blah! I’ll Have a Fun Tutorial Up Tomorrow! I’m So Excited to Share It!!! So Keep a Lok Out!! 🙂 I Hope Everyone Had a Great Day!



4 thoughts on “The Trees Are Blooming!

  1. i want to comment on ever post you make because we are so similar! but i get lazy and don’t do it. lol. sorry! well last night i said to my husband, “the trees are blooming!” so i know exactly what you mean.

    good luck to jereme! and i can’t wait to see what you screen!

    oh and your craft show set up looked great!

  2. Aww Maybe Were Long Lost Twins? 😀 😀 😀 ! Ive Been Meaning to Comment to Tell You That Print You Made that Says ‘Sew Cute’ Is SOOOO AMAZING!! I JUST LOVE IT!! I’m SO Excited to Start Making New Screens Its Been Forever! Do You Have a Yudu Machine? Or Do You Use a Silk Screening Kit? I LOVE the Doggy Tees I SO Need One for Molly!! Oh My Goodness I Know I Just LOVE how the Trees are Blooming Its Sooooo Pretty!!! Thanks SO Much for the Good Luck Wishes It Means SO SO Much!!!

    • YAY!! I LOVE YUDU! I Have that too!! when i first got it you should have seen me pull my hair out trying to figure out what the heck i was doing!! i wasted so much money on supplies and messing it up! but now i FINALLY got the hang of it!! i cant express how much i love that machine i use to do the old silk screening way but i sucked at that so i was super happy with yudu its like a huge gocco machine! oh god sorry i typed so much! hahah!

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