Craft Show Tomorrow!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP!!! in A Mere 5.5 Hours I’ll Be at the Craft Show!! WooHoo!! We Packed Up All Of Craft Goodness (Me and Jereme Both Have a Table!! Jeremes First Craft Show!!) And It Looks Like We Packed For a Month Long Trip SO Much Stuff!! But Really It’s Not a Whole Lot of Merchandise I Mean I Guess I Just Don’t Pack to Well!! lol! Oh Well! And I’m Not Sure How Busy the Craft Show Will Be So I Brought a Bunch of Yarn to Knit Some Cowls To Keep Me Busy and Some Snacks and I’m Still Thinking I Should Pack More Food But We’ll See If I Remember!! lol!
Right Now I’m Sewing Up My Red Cowl I Knitted Today and I’m Thinking I Might Wear it to the Show Tomorrow But I’m Not to Sure! I Have No Idea What I’m Going to Wear, and that Killssss Me! Ugh! lol Okay This Blog Post Is Probably Boring to You But I Just Needed to Let All My Thoughts Out! haha!
Anyhow I Need to Sleep Now Cross Your Fingers I Wake Up on Time and I’m Not in a Horrible Rush and Show Up Late! That Would Be Horrible!! lol! I’ll Be Back Later With Loads of Photos!!! Yay!!

Lots of Love!


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