So I’m A Horrible Person And Forgot to Choose a Winner Last Night for the Fun Giveaway SO I Did it Tonight!! And I Used the Number Random Thing On! I Would Show Proof Of It But I Can’t Figure Out How to Post the Thing On This Blog! :[ hehe! But The Winner Of Todays Giveaway Is……….



When I was about 3, I stuck a fork in my eye. And fell off a bridge. I was trying to peek under the kitchen railing to see the tv from my highchair, and was holding my fork in eye-poking proximity. And then i went to watch the boat go through the locks. And an old man saved me! Lol it wasn’t all in the same day!

CONGRATS JORJA!!!! I’ll Just Need You to Email Me At With Your Address and I’ll Ship Out Your Prizes!!! PS: Your Comment Made Me Laugh So Hard! Sounds Like Such an Experience!! SO Adorable!! 😀

Thanks EVERYONE Who Entered!!! I Appreciate it Soooo Much!! I Can’t Wait till the Next Giveaway!!! 😀

In Other News I Did Manage to Work on My Ice Cream Cone Plushies Although They Are Naked I’m Going to Add the ‘Sprinkles’ Tomorrow So That Should Be Fun!! Heres A Sneak Peek!! 🙂

I Did Go to the Mall Today To Look at Forever 21 To Find Something To Wear to the Show and Looked For Like an Hour and Half And Still Couldn’t Make Up My Mind! Not to Mention My Shoes Were Making My Heels HURT SO BAD! So Now My Feet Hurt haha! Oh Well! 🙂 I Give Up!!
Me And Jereme Went Back to the Gym Tonight It’s Been a Week Since We’ve Been Since We’ve Both Been Sick and Felt It Was A Good Time to Take A Break So I’m Super Happy to Be Back in Track on Working Out! We Have BIG Goals of Getting In Shape! So I’m Exciting to Work on those Goals! 🙂 WOoHoo!
Anyhow! I Better Get Crackin’ On Sewing These Sprinkles on These Cutie Pies! I Hope Everyone Had a Great Day Today!! Did Anyone Do Anything Fun? I’d LOVE To Hear About It!!!



2 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS……………..

    • thanks emalie!! omg that is the PERFECT word for f21 Overwhemling!! its SO true!! i go in there and theres SO much stuff i get overwhemeled and don’t know where to start! and then when i know i have a gift card for the store i get picky on what i’m getting! lol! so crazyness!

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