It Was a Deer Plushie Day!

So I Decided to Work on Deer Plushies and Ice Cream Cone Plushies Tonight I Decided I’ll Make 6 Of Each Since They Fit On These Cute Cake Platters I Plan on Them Being Put On for the Craft Show! So I Got the Deers Done And Stuffed! And I Got the Ice Cream Cones Silk Screened on Fabric BUT I Ran Out of Polyfil! Poop! So I’m Off to the Craft Store Tomorrow to Get Some So I Can Stuff Those Lil’ Boogers! I’ll Have Photos Tomorrow! Then I Have to Knit atleast 2 Cowls and 1 for Me to Wear to the Show! Then I’m DONE With All My Merch!! Yes!! Unless I Want Some Other Things to Sell But Today I Layed Out Everything I Have and Set Up My Table and Realized I Have Everything Done Besides the Plushies and A Couple of Cowls! SO I Was So Excited I Feel Like I Can Get Everything Done By Tomorrow!! Yay!! 🙂 I Did Want to Turn Some Ornaments into Pins So I Hope I Can Get That Done As Well!! 🙂
Today I Went to Return The Outfit I Didn’t Like and They Had to Give Me Store Credit It’s Their Policy!! Boo! So I Looked Around the Store and Didn’t Find Anything So Tomorrow We’re Going Downtown to the Big Forever21 To Take A Peak There! 🙂 I Did Go to Macys And Found Out They Had Clearance Betsey Johnson Jewelry and I Was Going to Get This Cute Teddy Bear Necklace But Found This BEAUTY! A Beautiful Chunky Pearl and Skull Bracelet I’ve Been Wanting This Since It Came Out and They Stopped Selling it Online So I Died and Snatched that Up!! It Was Normally $55 and It Was a Fab $17 Bucks!! Eeeep! <333
Jereme Worked On His Table for the Craft Show Too! Heres a Sneak Peek! 🙂
Okay I Forgot to Do the Winner of the Giveaway!!! Ughhhh!! So Bad So I’ll Do It Tomorrow So If You Have Yet to Enter the Giveaway Do Enter!! 🙂
I’m Off to Bed Now! I Hope Everyone Had a Great Wednesday!!



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