$35.00 on Nailpolish!

THATS RIGHT! I Said It I Spent $35.00 On Nail Polish Today! And I Feel So Horrible that I Did! When The Lady Told Me the Amount I Swear My Heart Just Dropped By I Bought Them Anyways! Ughhhhhhh Bad Bad BAD Sarah Baaaad! But I Mean I Do Love All of the Nailpolish I Got But I Mean I Could Have Used that Money On Craft Supplies! Oi! I’ll Learn! But I Did Get These Pretty Shades! I Got Hot Pink for Summertime and It was On Sale! and I Got a Nice Baby Pink Top Coat Gloss! AND A Beautiful Shade of Lavendar and a Mint Green AND Pretty Blue and A Nice Matte Green Color! Ughhh I Love Them! I Just Wish Nail Polish Wasn’t So Spendy But I Mean It Does Last A Long Time! Right? 🙂 Ahhh.
So Today I Went to the Post Office and Jereme Took a Photo of Me Before We Got in the Car Since I Was Over flowing in Packages hahaha It Was So Empty at the Post Office I Was SO Happy! No Long Lines = A VERY Happy Sarah. 🙂 <333
We Went and Got Some Craft Supplies I Made a Shopping List Last Night and I Forgot to Bring it, I Then Forgot What I Was There for So I’m Pretty Sure I Got Everything BESIDES What I Needed to Get! (i still can’t find the shopping list! poop!) I Made I Think It’s 4 Different ‘Snazzy’ Necklaces for the Show on Saturday! Heres a Photo (they are all on top of eachother so it looks like a big jumble!) I Think They Are Nice! Who Knows What People Will Think But I Like Them and Thats What Counts Right? 😀 hehe
I Also Managed to Buy Glitter Glue? Why? I Have No Idea! I Just Think It’s So Pretty and Would Look Fantastic on My Shelf! lol!
Yeah So Today I Feel Like I Spent a lot of Money on a Whole Lotta Nothing! Seriously I Still Can’t Think What I Bought! Just One of Those Days I HATE Those Days! I Got A Super Cute Outfit for the Show But Didn’t Try it On at the Store and I Brought it Home and It Looks Horrifying! So I Have to Go Back to the Dreaded Mall and Return It! Ugh!
I’m Still Feeling ill But I Think the Sudafed is Working and Benadryl at Night is Working So I Should Be Back to Normal By Thursday! *crosses fingers* 🙂
Alriiiiiiiiiight Tomorrow I’m Resting All Day and I’m Going to Run Around My Room and Find Stuff thats Already Made for the Show, Then I Can Come to Reality and Figure Out What Exactally I Need to Make! I Wanted to Hang Out With My Friend Savannah and Help Her for Her Table at the Show But I’m Still Feeling Sick and Knowing Me If I Do To Much I’ll Get Sick Again So I Need to Rest. Blah!
Well I’m Off to Do Some Bills and Watch the Tube I Hope Everyone Had a Great Tuesday and I Leave You With a Photo of Molly Sleeping! She Enjoys Tucking Herself In! 🙂


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