So As Promised Here are Some Photos of the Items I Got Accomplished Today! WooHoo! I Even Got the Headbands Done! Woot! I’m Not Sure How Many Headbands or Clips or Pins I Should Make So I Just Made a Few of Each So We’ll See! And What Doesn’t Sell I’ll Post in the Etsy Shop Saturday Night! WooHoo! 🙂
Tomorrow I Have to Go Get a Few Supplies and Go to the Post Office and Possibly Shop for Something to Wear for the Show? We’ll See! 🙂 hehe. aka For Sure! 🙂
So NyQuil Doesn’t Seem to Work Anymore for Me! Maybe I’m Getting Immune to It! So Tonights Menu is Benadryl! We’ll See How It Works! I’m Feeling a Lil’ Loopy So I Had Better Get Offline! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! Hopefully with More Progress On Merchandise!
Oh I Forgot! Check Out Jereme’s Progress for the Show! He Made Wee Lil’ Pocket Pals! My Favorite Is the Bloody Beat Up One! 😀
I Hope Everyone Had a Super Monday! And a Better Tuesday!!

Lots of Love,
xoxo Sarah*

2 thoughts on “Photos!

  1. wow, you are one productive lady! I love the clusters of three flowers, are those individual clips?

    I hope you feel better soon!!!


  2. awe thanks silje!! im slowlyyy feeling better thank goodness and its about time! 😀

    the clusters of three are just one big clip! i sewed them all together and then sewed some backing and then added a big clip on the back! 😀 superrr comfy and it even lays flat on the head which is a plus!! 😀

    i hope youre doing great!!

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