oh my goodness day kajillion of being sick! im thinking it will last a week so i have till wednesday to cry! lol! so i haven’t got anything done lately i’ve just been resting and watching movies like crazy we’ve watched all my movies so far and now we are watching them in alphabetical order! fun stuff! lol! πŸ˜€ but today i did get somethings accomplished!! woohoo! i think this is a sign that i’m starting to feel better? yes? i sure hope so!!
i got 6 hair clips, 6 pins, and 3 big hair pins (all roses) done for the show on saturday! woohoo! i still have to do a few headbands then i’m all done with the felt roses for the show! so im super excited then i’ll move on to fun stuff like plushies and i have a few quick projects up my sleeve to work on before the big day! i have a feeling i’ll feel better by the show which will be super awesome since my friends will have booths at the show and i have yet to do a craft show with my fellow crafter pals!! woohoo!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
oh and not to mention……. i GOT IN TO THE SUPER CRAFTY WONDERLAND SPRING SHOW ON MAY 1ST AND MAY 2ND!!! sorry…. i’m just overly super duper excited about it!!! i was starting to stress out thinking ahhh im not going to get in but i just blocked it out of my head and i about pooped my pants when i saw the acceptance email in my inbox!! yay!!! i’m so thrilled and not to mention Jereme got a booth too!!!! sooooo happy for him!!!! ALTHOUGH im happy for him i’m super sad that i won’t have anyone to sit with me at the show and do all my math for me! lol. 😦 so i’m going to either have to find someone to help me (anyone? anyone? any takers? let me know! πŸ™‚ hehe). OR i’ll have to find a super sweet calculator! hehe.
okiedokie. i’ll be back on to post photos of the pins and etc. i made today i’m on the computer in the kitchen and my camera doesn’t hook up to this machinery so i’ll post them later tonight! oh and look what i purchased from My Paper Crane! a USED TISSUE! lol!! i figured i need this it will bring a smile to my poor red nose! πŸ™‚
ill be back my friends!!


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