Aww Today’s Mail Was SO Great!!

So I Woke Up Feeling Quite Possibly Worse then Before! But I Got the Best Package In the Mail EVER! From Miss Silje!! She Mailed Me 2 Amazing Russian Doll Prints of Her Amazinggggg Art Work!!! I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE THEM! (can you tell how much i LOVE them!! :D). I Rushed to Put them In Frames These Won’t Be the Permenant Frames I’m Going to Get Some Nice Ones with Nice White Mats in them On Tuesday So I’ll Take a New Photo When I Get the Frames!! I Just Had to Put Them in Frames or I Just Know I Would End Up Bending Them and Would Cry! lol! AND Not to Mention She Mailed Me Some of Her BEAUTIFUL Soup She Hand Makes!! How Adorable Are They!! They Have Little Heart Cut Outs in them!! Oh My Goodness!! Everyone Must Check Out Her Etsy Shop for All Her Amazing Crafts! Click Here to Go Shopping In Her Shop! Thank You SO SO SO Much Silje It Absolutley Made My Day!!
I Didn’t Do TO Much Today I Got All of My Headband Orders Done! Although I Have One More to Make But I Ran Out of Felt, So Tomorrow I Will Be Running to the Craft Store and To Purchase More Headbands! Saturday Is My Mini Craft Show at Warner Pacific College in Portland, OR and I Have YET To Get Ready For the Show So Tomorrow I Start Crafting Crazyness! I’m Actually Super Excited to Start Getting Ready for the Show! Although I Won’t Have As Much Jewelry As Usual Since I Didn’t Get a Chance to Order a Bunch of Goodness But I Think It Will All Work Out Quite Nicely at the End! Not to Mention My 3 Pals Will Be Having a Booth at the Show As Well!! Yay!! I’ll Make Sure to Take Loads of Photos! 😀
Anyhow My Medicine Is Kicking In SO I Had Better Get Offline and Rest Up for Tomorrows Busy Day! Oh And Guess What! My Pez Collection Is Growing Nicely! 🙂 And I Made a Quick Wreath Inspired By Miss Elsies Tutorial! So Adorable!!

I Hope Everyone Had a Super Amazing Day! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow For Some Photos of My Craft Crazyness!!

Oh and Don’t Forget to Enter My Fun Giveaway! I Pick a Winner On Wednesday! Yay!! xoxo

Lots of Love,


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