Sick Still!

I Know Waaaah Waaah Waaaah. I’m Sick. Blah. I Still Have that Darn Cold! I Just Took Nyquil And I Feel It Kicking In But I Wanted to Do A Quick Blog Post Before I Daze Off So Please Ignore This Post if I’m Not Making Much Sense The Medicine is Getting to Me! lol!

So Today Me and Jereme Decided to Finish Watching Our Movies We Got at HOllywood Video Last Week I Think it Was or Maybe it Was This Week I’m Not Entirely Sure! So That Was Good Times Then We Decided to Go to the PDX Etsy I Heart Art Get Together at PNCA So We Went and It Was Neat! I Got a Free Etsy Tote! That I Was So Going to Purchase But the Lady Said They Were Free! I Can’t Even Remember if I Said Anything i Think I Was To Happy and On To Much Medication to Say Thanks. So Thank You ETSY I Love You for the Free Tote! And We Even Got Super Awesome Bumper Stickers and Some Pins and Info!! Woohooey!
Then We Went to Noodle And Company for Dinner and That Was Great As Always ONLY THING THAT WAS HORRIBLE Was The Cashier Kept Calling Me ‘Mam’ And I’m Sorry But I’m Feeling Horribly Sick I’m Not Even 100% Here And Your Calling Me Mam!! What the Hoot-In-Annie!! How DARE Him He Is Very Lucky I Was on Lots of Cold Medicine! Or I Would Have Opened a Can of Whoop! lol! πŸ™‚ Not Really… But Still! Argh! lol! Okay Well Here are A Few Photos of the Day! Me Looking Nutso from Being Sick! Some Noodle Photos! Etc! Etc! Oh
And I Wanted to Thank EVERYONE Who Has Entered My Giveaway So Far!! How Amazing Are you Guys!!! I LOVE To Read your Guys Random Info! Its So Silly!!! And Miss Rachael You Had a GOAT!!! How Awesome!!! lol!! πŸ˜€
Okay A Better Blog Post Will Be Up Tomorrow! I Promiseeee! xoxoxoxo Love You Guys!!! xoxo Sarah*

I Also Made A Super Quick Rose Hair Clip for Me to Wear to the Get Together But Ended up Not Wearing It! Crazyness Im Going to Put it in the Shop Tonight!

Good Nite Loves! Oh and If Anyone Has a Blog! Let Me Know in the Comments I Would LOVE to Read Them!!



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