Thrift Store Hunting!

So Today I Had a Hankering for Some Thrift Shop Hunting! Inspired By Kaylah’s Amazing Thrifting Skills! We Went to Paws and Claws it’s a Thrift Store that All the Proceeds Go to the Humane Society! And I ALWAYS Seem to Find the Best Stuff There! Last Time I Found My Super Awesome Owl Clock! Today I Got A Variety of Goodness! Including Some Fun Vintage Trim Lace & Sequins!! The Best EVER Combination! ;D and This Awesome Mug! It Reminds Me of Humpty Dumpty! Super Vintage and Just Creeeeepy Cuuute! I Also Got Some Brand New Blank Matchstick Boxes! I Found a Fun Tutorial Online That I’d LOVE TO Try Out But I Couldn’t Find Any Blank Match Boxes! So I Was So Uber Excited to Find These! I Also Got Some Super Pretty Green Thread (brand new!! and vintage!) And I Found This BEAUTIFUL Vintage Fabric! How Gorgeous is It! I’m Going to Be So Picky On Figuring Out On What to Use it For! 😀 I Also Got this Yellow Display Rack to Hold My Craft Supplies in and I Even Have Some Green Baskets that Fit PERFECTLY In It So it Must Have Been Meant to Be!! I Got a Brand New Vintage Owl Embroidery Kit As Well! AND For the Finale!! My 2 Favorite Finds!! A Deer Iron On Patch Brand New So Adorable I Melted as SOON As I Saw It and For .49 HELL YES! And Jereme Spotted This Amazing Big House Cabinet!!! I LOVE IT FOR ONLY $4.99!!!!! I LOVE IT! Im Going to Put My Favorite Knick Knacks in It Im So Happy! 🙂


I Can’t Wait Till Summer I Plan On Doing Lots of Fun Thrift Store Shopping and Garage Sale and Estate Sale Shopping!! I’m So Excited!! 😀

Okay Well I’m Going to Post My Next Giveaway In a Second So Keep a Look Out! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Hunting!

  1. Holy cow! You made out!

    That house cabinet is AMAZING, and only $4.99?! Oh my gosh! That’s a steal! I’ve been looking for one and online they’re so expensive, not to mention shipping!

    • aww thanks!! i know i almost died when my bf found it!! i was like WHAT 4.99!!! im getting it!!! if i knew a way to mail it out to you i SO would!!

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