It’s Time for My Second Blog Giveaway!! This Lovely! Set of Goodness Is a Love Theme Group of Items! 🙂 You Will Recieve a Big Red Glitter Heart Plate! A Lovely Note Card Set with Envelopes that Has Super Cute Anchors and Whales On It! An Amazing Red Glitter Heart Coin Pouch! And 3 Of My FAVORITE Twinkle Lollipops! All You Have to Do Is Leave Me a Comment With Any Fun Random Fact About Yourself! 🙂 The Giveaway Will End Next Wednesday March 3rd!! Good Luck! Oh And Don’t Forget if You Mention About this Fun Giveaway on Twitter or Your Blog or Facebook or Anywhere Let Me Know and I’ll Put Your Name An Extra Time in the Giveaway!!

Lots of Love,


9 thoughts on “Giveaway!!

  1. In 2005 I visited New Zealand, and, while I was there, my friend and I walked along a quite deserted beach and were attacked by seals. I’m not kidding! We startled them and they charged!

    I’m tweeting about this too! Such a fun giveaway!

  2. When I was about 3, I stuck a fork in my eye. And fell off a bridge. I was trying to peek under the kitchen railing to see the tv from my highchair, and was holding my fork in eye-poking proximity. And then i went to watch the boat go through the locks. And an old man saved me! Lol it wasn’t all in the same day!

  3. when i was little i had a pet goat named billy. in true goat fashion he always stood on top of his house and never in it. he also ate one of my dolls.

    i loved him.

  4. when I was 5 years old, I feel in a baby’s plastic tub that was on the top of the stairs, and slide all the way down till the last step… where I hit a table and broke a vase that my mother loved!

    I loved the ride 😀

  5. i have a butterfly tattoo on my arm, i love cats, and i have a secret addiction to harry potter


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