Books Books Books!

So I’m At Jeremes Right Now He Make Some Top Ramen Noodles with Sweet Chili Sauce Soooo Yummy! He Doesn’t Made the Noodles as Soup Just Boils Them and Drains them And Then Puts the Sauce On It! So Tasty!
Well I’m Feeling Super Sick Today My Allergies are Going Bonkers and I Have a Bit of A Cold But it is Sunny Outside And Soooo Prety!! So In the Loft Area We Have a Big Bookshelf Full of Goodness! And Thought I’d Share Some Photos of the Books We Have! 😀 Lots of Art Books, Wonder Woman Comic Books, Chuck Books, Craft Books, Peanuts Books (jereme LOVES snoopy!) And Here is Me in front of the Book Shelf Trying to Do A Wardrobe Remix Pose But I Failed hahahha I’ll Be Back Later Today for Another Post! I Hope Everyones Having a Great Day!
xo Sarah*


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