Oh Good Golly

Today Was a Nice Lazy Day! We Took Moo To the Vet to Get Her Yearly Check Up and She Checked Out Perfect! WooHoo! Although She Has Some Tarter on the Back Teeth the Doctor Said Its Because She Chews Mainly in Her Front Teeth SO That Means Its Time to Save Up Some Moo-Lah to Get Her Teeth Cleaned! Poop! But It Has to Be Done! My Old Dog Missy (rip :(((() had very bad teeth and we had to always get her teeth cleaned because we didn’t do it soon enough. So I Really Want to Get Molly’s Teeth On Track! Anyhow After that We Went to the Post Office and Then We Went to Hollywood Video! Since Almost All of Their Stores in Vancouver are Closing So They are Selling Their Movies for Dirt Cheap! WooHoo! I Walked Out of Their With 9 Movies Yowzas! So The Rest of the Day Was Spent Watching Movies, Then We Went to the Gym! It Was SO Busy! And Lots of Interesting People Were there! It’s So Much Fun to People Watch at the Gym! lol! πŸ˜€
Well Tomorrow I Plan on Being Productive! I’m Going to Craft My Boo-Tay Off! And Make Plushies Galore and Post Them on Etsy and Did I Mention I Have a Craft Show on March 6th! Its at A College in Portland So I’m Excited! So I Have a Kajillion Things to Make Before So I’ll Be Busy! πŸ™‚ Well Enough Gibber Gabber! I Hope Everyone Had an Amazing Day! I’ll Leave You With Some Super Inspiring Tattoos I Found on WeHeartIt.com Oh Goodness Would I Love to Get One Soon! I’m Afraid It Will Hurt So Bad But At the End It’s Worth It. It’s Super Beautiful to Have Art that You Love Forever! πŸ™‚
Good Night Loves and I’ll Have Fun Photos to Post Tomorrow!
Sarah* Oh and PS: Tomorrow I’ll Have My Next Giveaway Up! Super Fun Items I Found on Clearance! XD

i just love the old style tattoos they are so beautiful! and that deer tattoos is just amazing! i love it so much!



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