Artist Interview with Jereme Westom from Jer-Meh Studios!

Name: Jereme ‘Jermeh’ Westom

Website: Jer-Meh Studios Etsy Shop and Jereme Westom Blog

Tell Us A Little About Yourself: I am a 25 year old art student. I love to draw, scribble and doodle. I aspire to open a gallery in the future.

What Made You Become an Artist? : Probably the fact that both my parents are elementary school teachers and they encouraged me in whatever i did…and I did art. Also my grandpa claims I got the gift from grandma Lois.

What is Your Favorite Medium to Create With? : I used to think that paint was my favorite medium, but I think that it was forced on me by art history, all great artists are painters aren’t they? But no! I know now that I am most comfortable with a pen or pencil in my hand.

Do You Have A Favorite Subject to Paint or Draw? : I constantly find myself creating patterns of circles, but I love most when I am illustrating.

Who Are Some Artists That You Admire? : I would have to say as of current Mr. Jon Burgerman, Mr. Joe Ledbetter, Ms. Tara McPherson, Mr. Frank Kozik and Ms. Amanda Visell all seem to have hold of my admiration’s .

Do You Have Any Advice for Up and Coming Artists? : While in school be open to anything, take criticism, stay true to yourself and your art and keep working even through tough times.

Any Goals for the New Year with Your Art? : I am trying to get some of my drawings into some local galleries and explore some new techniques for presenting my work and finish school of course.

Any Other Comments or Info to Share? : Support your local arts community.


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