Artist Inteview with Logan Westom from Logan Westom Photography!

Here is My Very First Artist Interview With Logan Westom of Logan Westom Photography! A Super Talented Up And Coming Photographer! Make Sure to Go To His Blog to Check Out More of His Awesome Work!


Name: Logan Westom

Website(s): Logan Westom Photography

Tell Us A Little About Yourself: I am 19 years old and was born in Portland Oregon. Lived in Portland for about 4 years then moved to Vancouver Washington. I am currently going to school in Pullman Washington at WSU. I am studying Interior Design as of right now. I have been doing photography for about 3 years.

What Kind of Camera Do You Use? : I used a Nikon D60. It is a decent camera for the price that it costs.

What Made You Become a Photographer? : I never really wanted to become a photographer it just sort of happened when I took my first photography class. I took the class because my Uncle Jim had some photography equipment and older brother had taken a photography class in college. In high school I hated english, math, and science. My electives gave me the chance to take art classes which I enjoyed and photography was a class I thought I should take so I could broaden my art background. Once I started the class it was just so much fun that it was something I knew I wanted to do forever.

What Are Your Favorite Subjects to Shoot?: I really like to photography everything but my favorite stuff to photograph are concerts. While I have never officially got to photo bands, I have from the crowd of concerts that I have attended. Music is just as important to me as photography and to combine the two is so amazing.

I also like to document things through photography. Taking pictures of events that I attend. I feel that it is like being a new reporter or journalist but I think that photographs tell a better story than any combination of word can.

The things that I really like to photograph are generally the things that I really like and are important to me in my life.

Are There Any Photographers That Make You Inspired? : Nicole Rork, Jered Scoot, and Ryan Russel are my inspiration for my photographs. They are also my three favorite photographers. All of them have done or are concert photographer. I like them the most because they have photographed many of the bands that I enjoy listening to. The images and photos that they have produced give the inspiration and the push to go out and pursue photography more professionally.

If You Could Go Anywhere to Take Photographs Where Would You Go? : There are three places that I would like to go and photograph. The first would be Ireland. Ireland is so green and open. I can the see now the great landscape photos that I would make right now. Ireland is such a beautiful country and full of great places. It would also be cool to photograph inside some of the Irish pubs.

England would also be cool to photograph. More specific West London. Home of Chelsea Football Club. I hope some day to go over there and photograph my favorite soccer team in action. London, outside of football would also be a cool place photography.

The last place I would like to go to would be New York City. I am not a big city sort of person but I am sure that it would be a cool place to document with all the people and fast pace life style.

Oh and Paris would be a neat place to go photograph. So many place that I want to go to and photograph. So many more that I am not mentioning right now.

Any Advice for Up and Coming Photographers? :Take picture, take pictures, take pictures, take pictures, and lastly don’t forget to take pictures. That is how you will get better, take more pictures. That is how I got better. I feel that the only reason that I got better was because I took tons of pictures. Also if you are taking pictures digitally make sure that you have a huge memory card. I have two 8 GB SDHC cards. This allows me to take as many pictures as I want with no worries of the card filling up. This will allow you to take a ton of pictures of the same thing so you can go through them all later and choose the ones you want. Trust me, the first picture you take of something is not going to be perfect. I usually take 10-20 pictures of the same thing. After that I sometimes still feel like all my pictures look like crap. That is just me though. I am a perfectionist, so sometimes someone will be like “Woah that is the coolest picture ever” and I will say “no that picture sucks. There are 10 things about it that I don’t like.

Lastly, if you have the chance to, take a traditional film photograph class. I think it is the best way to learn the basics of photography. That is how I learned and I feel that 90% of what I learned about photography I learned the old fashion way.

Any Goals for the New Year with Your Photography? : My biggest goal this year is to get a photo pass for the Vans Warped Tour 2010. It would be so cool to be able to get in front of the crowd and photograph all my favorite bands up close. I am actually in the process of contacting bands and newspapers. I also hope that I can get to the point were I will start selling my photography on-line.

Any Other Comments or Info to Share? While most of my photography is digital if I had the time and capability I would most likely be doing traditional film photography. I feel that I get more pleasure doing film than digital. I doubt that I will every be able to go back to film, but it was fun.


One thought on “Artist Inteview with Logan Westom from Logan Westom Photography!

  1. I just want to say that 2 years and 6 months from the posting date of this blog, we hired Logan to photograph my daughters wedding in Portland, OR. She Google him and found him. After reading his bio, she said, “Mom, I think I will really like this one, so I am going to email him”. That was all it took, as Logan responded and a wedding photo shoot was in the works. I have told him multiple times already, but I don’t mind saying it again… Logan you KNOW how to capture a moment, a move, a sound…. You are THE BEST photographer I have used / seen in a very long time. WE thank you over and over for shooting the whole day… You stand by your word. Good Luck in ALL you do!!!!

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