Today Was a Good Day!

So Today I Feel A Bit Better! I Think I’m Just a Bit Stressed! But I Had a Super Day! I Went Shopping I Know Shocking! huh! 🙂 Found Some Great Deals And Got Some Packaging Supplies and Even Took Molly for A Walk! That Pup Can Pull Anyone Who Walks Her Its Crazy! So Strong! lol! I Also Did a Few Little Rose Painting Collages for the Shop! They Turned Out Pretty Cute! 🙂 Im Going to Post them In the Shop Tonight for Sure!
Me and Jereme Decided to Take a Day off of the Gym Since We Were Pretty Sore from Last Nights Gym Time So It Was a Very Nice and Much Needed Break! But Its Back On Tomorrow So That Should Be Fun!
My Dads Birthday is On Saturday and My Parents Didn’t Want to Make a Big Deal And I Think thats Just Silly So I Got Some Party Supplies and I’m Going to Make a Cake and Make Some Big Pizzas For Everyone So Im Excited I Have to Get to the Grocery Store Tomorrow! Which Reminds Me I Should Make a Shopping List! ha! 🙂
Well Thats About All! Today Was the Same Ol Same Ol! It Was Super Sunny and Amazing! I Just Love the Sun and I Sure Hope it Stays For A While I Can’t Wait till Summer I Feel Real Good About It! Okiedokie Sorry this Post was a Bit Boring. But Here are Some Photos from Today! 🙂 Im Off to Find My Glasses Im Thinking I Should Start Wearing Them My Eyes are Achy! Darn It! 🙂 I Hope Everyone Had a Great Day! And I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! Oh And I Forgot I Have My First Artist Interview and I’ll Post it Tomorrow! <333 GoodNight!


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