I’ve Been Feeling Blah Lately! :(

So I’ve Been Feeling Down in the Dumps Lately So I Decided to Shut Off All Connections With the Outside World Besides This Blog Of Course! (Facebook, and Cell Phone Especially I Promise I’ll Get Back to Anyone Who’s Been Looking for Me As Soon As Im Better I Swear) I Don’t Know Why I’ve Been Feeling So Blah Lately So I Thought I Need Some Me Time and Family Time And Time for Me to Focus on My Oh My Deer! And New Projects But I Haven’t Had Any Sparks of Inspiration It Stinks! Really! I Hope I Get Happy Soon! :\ So Anyhow I’ve Been Looking On Etsy at Some Things that Are Cheering Me Up And Thought I’d Share! I Hope These Bring Some Cheer to You As Well!
xo Sarah*

This Amazing Zip Pouch By Bird Trouble Insanely Cute Pouch By The Dainty SquidThis Adorable Puppy Scarf ByOh So MicroThis Beautiful Russian Doll Plush! By SiljeThis Adorable Plush Pin By Apple Noggin

SO SO SO Many Cute Stuff Out There On Etsy! You Should All Take
A Peak At Their Items SO Talented Artists!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Feeling Blah Lately! :(

  1. I know how you feel, I feel pretty blah myself these days. I hope you feel better soon. I found going outside while the sun is shining is the best medicine, other than time with family and friends of course ❤


  2. awe thanks! im feeling a bit better! the sunshine definately helps a bunch! and it looks like its actually going to stay sunny for a while! 🙂 which is super! i hope youre feeling a little less blah as well! 🙂 xo Sarah*

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